Lion's Dream

Lion’s Dream has found its big winner:
The dream about opening a sweetsshop offering all types of coliva and making it the national Romanian dessert!

Congrats, Ioana Mihai & Anamaria Ioniță!!!

But we also chose to sponsor 7 other dreams in the „DOING GOOD” Category, dreams which bring a significant change in the life of others or in the community plus 2 dreams related to health wishes.

But we don’t think dreaming is over. We have only just started believing in this again.
Dream big!

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Lion's Dream

Your votes decide the winner!

A dream will come true because of you!

You have the power to turn a dream into reality, with just one pick and click. Enter and vote your top 3 favourites.

Select from the list one favourite at a time (no ranking needed, just make sure you pick a different one each time). The dream gathering most votes will win! The big winner will be announced on December the 16th during the last TownHall of this year.

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Lion's Dream

Leaders’ Dreams

You trusted us with your dreams, we will trust you with ours.

You’ve inspired us, so we want to create a dialogue of dreams. To show that dreams do not rely on position or status, but on courage and an open mind. Here are the dreams of all the leaders in the group, shared with you as a sign of recognition for the courage you’ve shown in opening your hearts to us. Discover them here.

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Lion's Dream

Meet the finalists!

Out of 140 submissions, our jury has selected 21 finalist dreams.

It wasn’t easy to choose among wonderful, personal dreams. And the ones which did not make it to this list, are for sure not wasted. A dream brought to light is a dream closer to reality. So keep dreaming and fighting for your dream!It is what our finalists will do in the coming future, to convince you to vote for them.
Meanwhile, get to know all of them here.
Starting December 10th, your vote will decide if they become reality.

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Lion's Dream

The story of a Lion’s Dream come true

We all dream. Small things, big things, easy things or things we could never achieve all by ourselves. And then, we look for partners in dreams. Many of us have nurtured a dream which, maybe, has grown with us.

We would like you to share it with us and give it a chance to finally come to life.

For this purpose, we’ve launched LION’S DREAM: the festival of dreams which are waiting to come true and we offer up to 10.000 Euros to turn a dream into reality together!

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Lion's Dream


We are waiting for you to surprise us with your personal dreams, which are not related to work, but rather with who you are or want to be.

Give your dream any creative form you might think of!

After the submissions are done, the jury will choose the list of finalists, based on the criteria in the regulations.

Then, the vote of the colleagues will decide which dream wins and will become reality in the end – and this will be announced on Christmas.

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Lion's Dream

The Jury

Made of people who were or still are part of our group, who made their dreams come true and have further inspired others.

  • Roman Tolici
  • Ghica Popa
  • Alina Vîlcu
  • Ștefan Iordache
  • Teddy Dumitrescu
  • Anca Catarambol
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Lion's Dream

The Timeline of A Dream Come True

1-31 October - Dreams submission

3-13 November - Filtering / Judging

16 November - Announcing the finalists

16 November - 10 December - The Convincing Campaign

10-13 December - Colleagues’ Vote

16 December - Announcing the Winner at the Christmas Party / Christmas TownHall

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